Entrepreneurship training has increasingly shown to be a useful in combining skills training with integration, leading to a path in business creation, employment and involvement in the community. This project aims to improve access to and the quality of training for entrepreneurship educators within the context of inclusion and diversity, so as to unlock the potential of migrant &refugee women!

Specific objective of curriculum

Through Enterprise Curriculum contains a learning framework including outcomes and assessment guides, and a pack of multimedia learning resources designed to be used by trainers in classroom scenarios to teach women from immigrant or ethnic minority backgrounds an engaging and usable entrepreneurial skillset.

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Overall learning objectives

This is essentially a “train the trainer” resource, enabling VET entrepreneurship providers to become more informed as to the need for inclusive education and providing them with the practical tools to improve the effectiveness of their education and improve learning outcomes for the female migrants that they train.

Each Module has different training resources these will include:

A PowerPoint/PDF Presentation – again this is to be used in conjunction with the Tutor’s Guide, this is a suggested course and includes the materials and activities. If it is your first time delivering the course, this is a good starting point.

Educators Guide- this can assist tutors, teachers or those delivering these modules to their organisation, in order to provide the highest quality training.

Additional Resources- These will enhance the learning experience and provide extra reading for those wishing to expand on what they learn from each module.

Apply Learning Resource Pack- One day Hackathon- it is a day-long additional training event which can augment the delivery of the Through Enterprise classroom curriculum and act as the project development part of the Curriculum.