The TRUE project kicked-off in Kristianstad, Sweden in September 2018, the project partners were hosted by Folkuniversitetet University. It was a highly productive meeting, we discussed the topics of vital importance to this project which are applicable all across Europe. The influx of migrants has impacted heavily on the economic stability and make up of many European countries, which is why this project and its outputs are so important to the future of migration and positive impact inclusion can have.

The outputs of this project will be tangible, they will have a real impact on our society and how we view integration and inclusion. Below are the outputs which will be researched and realised during the lifetime of this project:

  • A Project Management Handbook, which will include guidelines for the project.
  • A Reach and Teach Catalogue, consisting of good practices showcasing innovative and effective approaches to both engaging with and teaching women from immigrant and ethnic minority backgrounds for the purposes of entrepreneurship education.
  • A curriculum, learning framework and classroom course which will contain detailed learning outcomes, lesson plans, materials and assessment guides.

These materials will greatly improve the inclusion for these target groups:

Migrant Women who were previously excluded or marginalized in the labour market, will be empowered to unlock their professional and personal capabilities.

VET Colleges, Enterprise Centres and other education providers will gain greater awareness regarding the importance of inclusive entrepreneurship education and new and improved resources to cater to the needs of migrant women through the lens of inclusion, diversity and intercultural integration.

Community Organisations will understand the value of entrepreneurship skills thanks to new relationships with VET organizations, and will be able to refer beneficiaries to the open, online course as an immediate path for training and career development.

Project Partners will be the first to benefit from the ability to integrate new approaches to inclusive education and their work in synergy with organizations from other sectors. Staff will appreciate the more modern, professional environment and be more capable of work on high scale international collaborative projects.

Wider Stakeholders from across the VET, community and migrant services sectors will be exposed to new forms of inclusive entrepreneurship education and be more likely to commit to more practical strategies for improving inclusion and diversity on a wider level.

Communities will see a rise in entrepreneurship and innovation among migrant women and benefit from the increased social integration and cohesion that comes from enabling migrants to play a productive role in the economy and society.

Keep your eyes peeled for our innovation materials!